About Us

Jain Biscuit is one of the most popular and reliable Dryfruit and biscuit center with long record for quality.

You can ask any of our innumerable loyal customers about our service record. We never compromise on quality .

Our main aim is to provide hygienic and best quality products which can satisfy customer and at the same time make the business grow because of which we are one the best in Sweets, Dry Fruits, Namkeen and many more...

Jain Biscuit Centre supplies caters to direct customers and also to caterers organizing marriages and other social functions in the city.

Jain Biscuit Centre specialises in Corporate gifts of Dryfruit and food packs for Diwali, Christmas etc.

We are always improving our infrastructure, day-to-day operations, hygiene conditions, manufacturing units, welfare of the staff, safety measures, marketing and distribution. We always take advice of highly qualified general consultants and hospitality consultants to guide and advice us.

Shop overview

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Product List
Amul Cashew Biscuits
B B Toast
Badam Pista Biscuits
Butter Cookies
Butter Scotch Biscuits
Cake Toast
Cashew Walnut Cookies
Chocolate Chip Biscuits
Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate Cookies 1
Coconut Badam Cookies
Crackjack Cookies
Dry Fruit Biscuits
Dryfruit Biscuit
Dryfruit Cookies
Dryfruit Stick Biscuits
Fan Khari
Jeera Butter
Ginger Cookie Biscuit
Kaju Biscuit
Milk Toast
Nachni Biscuits
Nan Khatai
Round Khari
Royal Nan Khatai
Shrewsburry Cookies
Soya Biscuits
Surti Nan Khatai1
Surti Nan Khatai
Til Biscuits
Tooti Fruiti Biscuits
Vanila Biscuit
Wheat Biscuits
Wheat Toast
Panchratna Biscuits
Assorted Cookies

Delicious Sweets:
Almond Sweet
Anjeer Barfi
Anjir Halwa
Badam Bhog
Besan Ladu
Chandrakala 1
Cream Roll
Cream Roll with pan
Delicious Assorted Shrikhand
Dryfruit Barfi
Dryfruit Butter Schothsweets
Dryfruit Halwa
Dryfruit Kalash
Dryfruit Novelty
Dryfruit Tiranga Rotla1
Gul Poli
Gulab Barfi
Gulab Bhogl
Gulab Jamun
Kaju Badam Puri Rotla
Kaju Katli
Kala Jamun
Kandi Pedha
Karachi Halwa
Keli Katli
Kesar Badam Sutar Feni
Kesar Kaju Katli
Kesar Malai Pedha
Kesar Malai Puri
Kesar Mawa Pedha
Kesar Pista Halwa
Kesar Pista Sutar Feni
Kesar Vati
Kesri Mawa Almond Pedha
Little Heart
Little Heart1
Maharaja Halwa
Mal Pua
Mango Barfi
Milk Cake
Milk Cake1
Moon Moon
Pinapple Halwa
Pista Gul
Pista Cake
Pista Coin
Puran Poli
Ras Gulla
Sangam Roll
Special Dryfruit Soan Roll
Special Soan Papdi
Sugar Free Sweets
Sugar Free Anjir Dates
Sweet Shakkar Para
Tel Poli
Walnut Sweet1
Walnut Sweet
White Milk Pedha
White Pista Sutar Feni
Malai Sandwich
Badam Ful
Kaju Pista Roll
Chocolate Sangam Roll
Kesar Golden Halwa
White Mawa Pedha
Onion Chivda
Alu Methi Ganthia
Amiri Dryfruit Chivda
Amrisari Chips
Bajri Vada
Baroda Bhakar Vadi
Baroda Bhakar Vadi Mini
Baroda Ful Vadi
Bhanagari Ganthia
Bikaneri Sev1
Butter Chakli
Chana Dal
Chana Jor Garam Big
Cheese Vati
Chinese Spring Roll
Chola Fali
Corn Cheese Chips
Corn Cheese Cubes
Corn Flakes Chivda
Corn Samosa
Corn Takos Puri
Diet Bhajni Chakli
Diet Chivda
Dryfruit Takos
Farali Patties
Garlic Chivda
Garlic Chutnies
Garlic Sev
Hum Safar
Itlian Sandwich
Jain Ghugra
Jain Ghugra1
Jain Samosa
Jeera Puri
Kachha Poha Chivda
Kashmiri Dalmuth
Khaman Dokhla
Khari Bundi
Kolhapuri Chivda
Lemon Bhel
Mahalaxmi Chivda
Makai Vadi
Makhania Ganthia
Mari Fafda
Mari Ganthia
Masala Mung
Masala Murukku Chakli
Masala Nachos Puri
Masala Pakwan
Masala Pakwan1
Masala Bundi
Masala Butter Chakli
Masala Cashews
Masala Sauna Chivda
Masala Shakkar Para
Masala Sing Dana
Masala Time Pass Potato Wafer
Maska Butter Khari
Maska Khari
Math Jor Garam
Methi Ganthia
Methi Puri
Methi Thepla
Mini Chola Fali
Mini Mathia Puri
Mini Pizza
Mix Farsan1
Mix Farsan
Mysore Sada Dalmuth
Moti Chola Fali
Murukku Chakli
Nachni Chivda
Nachni Sev
Nadiadi Bhusu
Nachni Sticks
Nylon Sev
Nylon Papdi
Onion Pakora
Palak Sev
Panchratna Chivda
Paneer Dokhla
Paneer Vati
Papad Bhel
Patti Samosa
Pav Bhaji Dhokla
Plain Chana Dal
Plain Pakwan
Plain Rice Chakli
Potato Sev
Punjabi Samosa
Pudina Nipples
Ratlami Sev
Roasted Wheat
Roasted Bajri Mix
Roasted Chana Jor Garam
Roasted Ganthia
Roasted Green Chana Jor Garam
Roasted Makai Chivda
Roasted Mari Chana
Roasted Masala Chana
Roasted Mung
Roasted Mung Dal
Roasted Mung Jor Garam
Roasted Navratna Mix
Roasted Salted Sing
Roasted Soya Bean
Roasted Soya Bhel
Roasted Udad Papad
Sabudana Puri
Sabudana Chakli
Sandwich Dhokla
Sandwich Bhakar Vadi
Saudana Takos
Shankh Shell
Sev Puri
Sing Bhajia
Soya Sticks
Soya Manchurian Sticks
Special Dryfruit Farali Chivda
Special Bhel Puri
Special Shahi Dalmuth
Tea Time Puri
Tikhi Sev
Tikha Ganthia
Tomato Potato Sev
Triangal Jeera Puri
Wheat (Gahu) Chivda
White Dokhla and Patra (Alu Vadi)
White Sabudana Chivda
Bharuchni Sing
Chana Jor Garam
Mangalori Chivda
Nachni Chivda with Dry Fruits
Instant Bhel

Khakhra and Bhakhri:
Diet Khakhra
Dosa Khakhra
Garlic Biscuit Bhakhri
Jeera Khakhra
Khakhra Piece
Mangalori Khakhra
Masala Bhakri
Masala Biscuit Bhakhri
Methi Biscuit Bhakhri
Methi Khakhra
Nylon Ghee Khakhra
Onion Khakhra
Plain Biscuit Bhakhri
Sada Khakra
Sada Bhakri
Surti Khakhra
Ten Grain Khakhra
Chola Fali Khakhra
Biscuit Kucchi Bhakhri
Methi Bhakri
Roasted Math Khakhra
Masala Khakra

Chips and Wafers:
Alu Tikki Chat Masala Wafer
Alu Tikki Wafer
Banana Masala Salli
Cheese Banana Wafer
Cheese Ball
Cheese Sanudana Takos
Cheese French Fries
Cheese Muncheese
Cheese Ring
Coconut Banana Wafer
Diet Mari Banana Wafer
Diet Masala Kela Wafer
Diet Masala Patta
Diet Plain Potato Chips
Diet Roasted Masala Potato Chips
Diet Yellow Banana Wafer
French Fries
Fried Potato Masala Jali Wafer
Hot Shot Plain Chips
Jack Fruit (Fanas) Chips
Jigjag Twist Potato Chips
Kand Wafer
Karela Chips
Mari Banana Wafer
Masala Banana Salli
Masala Banana Wafer
Masala Potato Wafer
Mexican Chips
Nachni Chips
Nasik Salli
Plain Banana Wafer
Plain Butter Potato Wafer
Plain Nachos Chips
Plain Potato Wafer
Plain Potato Jali Wafer
Plain Potato Salli
Potato Medium Salli
Potato Cheese Wafer
Potato Masala Salli
Potato Tomato Wafer
Soya Chips
Yellow Banana Salli
Tomato Banana Wafer
Upqwas Hotshot

Dry Fruit Varieties:
Apricoat and Assorted Dryfruits
Assorted Dryfruit Dates
Black Seedless Dates
Black Seedless Dates Small Pack
Dates with Almond
Dates with Walnut
Dry Dates
Dryfruit Tokri
Omani Seedess Small Pack
Red Seedless Dates Small Pack
Red Seedless Dates
Regular and Salted Cashews
Selected Dryfruits

Variali Elaichi
Kashmiri Gulab
Kesar Elaichi
Kesar Chandan
Butter Schtch
Rose Falooda
Kesar Falooda
American Ice-cream
Pineapple Ccocnut Kiwi
Litchi Crush
Lemon Phudina
Kesar Dryfruit Thandai
Peach Plum Pineapple
Pineapple Dadam
Orange Apricoat
Water Melon